Hi! We are Connie Brentford and Pete Sisco.
Way back in the late 90’s we discovered the potential of making a living online by writing and publishing books. This work made us a consistent six-figure income, allowed us to raise a family of six without “regular” jobs, and to start traveling the world continuously more than a decade ago.
We’ve been traditionally and self-published over the years, created many courses and online businesses that we still own and run, and now we’ve garnered twenty years of experience in the business of writing, publishing and marketing digital media. 

We’re a Husband and Wife Team

Several years ago we started helping authors and other entrepreneurs in their efforts create books, courses and websites in order to build a following online and generate income.
That effort has blossomed into the creation of a small, trusted team of individuals that assist creators like you with writing, publishing, course content creation, website creation, and digital marketing. 
We know first-hand how creators with a special story can transform their own lives financially and have a positive effect on the lives of others. Our goal is to position authors and online entrepreneurs for long-term business growth and success that will allow them to make a living online as we do.
Our business is to provide you with a high-quality support team that allows you to push past roadblocks. With our help, you can create an income generating business around your unique story or idea.
If you think you can use any of our services, just send us an e-mail and we’ll discuss it privately.
We are fun to work with and look for others who are too.
Thanks for checking us out.